Kauffman Foundation
Jan and Tom Kreamer
The Sherman Family Foundation
School Smart KC
United Way

Super Supporters
Debby and Gary Ballard
Randy and Doranne Hudson
Diana Keating
Nancy Kenner
Susan Morgenthaler
Michael Roane and Chris Uithoven

Great Supporters
Victoria Barnard
Pat Chadwick
Kathy Dodd
Steve Doyal
Beth Garland
Tresia and John Franklin
MJ Fitness
Adam Hallquist
Denice Ross Haynes
Peter Herschend
Pamela Westbrooks Hodge
Darcy Howe
Pam and Bill Kanter
Margaret Keating
Edna Kissman
Jeanie Latz
Karen Mitchell Layton
Willetta Willis McGhee
Pete Muenkes
Patrick Seaver
Jeannine Strandjord

East Weight Room Equipment Drive led by Michael Roane
Tom Buettine
Vince Burke
Jeff Chahida
Tad DeOrio
Adam Hallquist
Chris Jones
Patrick Lyons
Jared Roane
Andrew Straud
Andrew Teiger
Donna Thomasen
Tray Vedock
Chris Uithoven

  • We are especially thankful for Dale Ladner who volunteers his services to
    assemble our 990 tax documents every year.
  • Susan Morgenthaler for the time, money and directions she’s provided for teachers’ break rooms at East High School and Longfellow Elementary.
  • Evelyn Davis for her donation of a brand-new bike to Trailwoods Elementary.
  • Board member Jan Kreamer, for her generous donation towards East High School’s teacher trip to Tanzania.
  • Jim Tilden for his phenomenal craftsmanship on Longfellow’s teacher work station.
  • Victoria Barnard, Mary Beth Brown, Nicole Collier White, Theresa Hupp,  Fran Jenny and Jan Kreamer for their financial contributions towards the Longfellow work room.
  • The Kauffman Foundation education group for thought leadership and financial support.
  • The innovators at the Sherman Family Foundation funded a test of our teacher take-home dinner program, now expanding to ten schools.
  • United Way provided a significant grant way to accelerate our dinner efforts.
  • SchoolSmart KC is helping triple our reach and impact for the 2023/24 school year.
  • Board member Jan Kreamer has funded our volunteer coordinator and discount card program.
  • Dave Kimmis and Scott Shorter for website design and production.
  • Hillcroft Designs/Tina Smith for logo development.
  • The 2016 ALI Cohort at Harvard who provided inspiration and ideas.
  • Former school teacher Devin Hallquist for her insight and her commitment to urban students.