Q: How do I become a PC advisor Volunteer?

A: PC Advisers apply online. First, we review your background to determine if your skill set matches our principals’ needs. Because Advisers are around children, there is a background check. Our Founder, Carol Hallquist meets with you then we’ll visit several schools in the metro area to help you better understand the landscape of volunteering in urban schools.

Q: What are the requirements of PC Advisers?

A: PC Advisers must exhibit integrity, a passion for volunteering, and exhibit humbleness. We’re looking for business professionals who have people management experience and those with connections within the community.

Q: Do I have to commit to a number of hours each month?

A: No. The beauty of PrincipalsConnect is that you volunteer when you have time. We want you to enjoy the flexibility of retirement, while volunteering your skills when you have time.

Q: What types of experience are you looking for in PC Advisers?

A: We’re looking for people who love to coach others. Those with backgrounds in public relations/marketing, human relations and project management are our top needs.

Q: I don’t have a background in education. Do principals need my advice/help?

A: You bet! PC Advisers provide a needed business perspective and outside point of view that can be very helpful to principals of large urban schools.

Q: I’m a principal. How do I get PC Advisers for my school?

A: We are in 14 Kansas City area schools, both district and charter.  We’ll be adding schools in the 2022-23 school year. Contact us if you’re interested in becoming a PrincipalsConnect school.