PrincipalsConnect’s Signature Programs are the backbone of the organization. Each was created out of a need described by our principals. PrincipalsConnect’s goal behind each program is to ensure teachers and principals feel seen, appreciated and heard.

Food Hugs

PrincipalsConnect delivers more than 700 family dinners to-go for busy KC teachers and staff each month

Special Teacher Discounts

25+ local and regional companies provide free and discounted product, food and entertainment

Exclusive Teacher Experiences

PrincipalsConnect works with local organizations to provide one-of-a kind appreciation events tailored to teachers

Social Gatherings

Principals and volunteers gather quarterly to share ideas, celebrate and offer encouragement


With skilled volunteers in many fields, like Human Resources and Finance, our principals have access to a breadth of knowledge and advice

Principal Requests

PrincipalsConnect understands every school has different priorities. To accomodate this, advisers work one-on-one with principals to meet their needs.