Q: How do I become a PC advisor Volunteer?

A: PC Advisers apply online. First, we review your background to determine if your skill set matches our principals’ needs. Because Advisers are around children, there is a background check. Our Founder, Carol Hallquist meets with you. You attend a 3-hour orientation, then we’ll visit several schools in the metro area to help you better understand the landscape of volunteering in urban schools.

Q: What are the requirements of PC Advisers?

A: PC Advisers must exhibit integrity, a passion for volunteering, have high integrity and exhibit humbleness. We’re looking for business professionals who have people management experience. We balance the number of professionals of certain backgrounds so that many skill sets are available to our principals.

Q: Do I have to commit to a number of hours each month?

A: No. The beauty of PrincipalsConnect is that you volunteer when you have time. We want you to enjoy the flexibility of retirement, while volunteering your skills when you have time.

Q: What if I need to cancel my appointment?

A: You’ll have the email of the principal or the PC Adviser with whom you’re working. If you cancel several times, with no rescheduling, you’ll be suspended from the program.

Q: What types of experience are you looking for in PC Advisers?

A:We’re looking for individuals who have managed people. Those with backgrounds in IT, finance, public relations/marketing, engineering/building construction, human relations and project management are our top needs.

Q: What training do I receive?

A: Every PC Advisor attends a 3-hour class that prepares them to volunteer in urban schools. The urban education landscape in Kansas City, the culture of poverty, and a review of how the education system works will be covered.

Q: I don’t have a background in education. Do principals need my advice/help?

A: You bet! PC Advisers provide a needed business perspective and outside point of view that can be very helpful to principals of large urban schools.

Q: I’m a principal. How do I get PC Advisers for my school?

A: PrincipalsConnect has selected eight Kansas City schools for 2018/19 and will be adding more in the future. Contact us if your school wants to be considered.