WE CONNECT urban school principals with retired professionals who want to make a difference.

Scott Burnett is PC’s Newest Volunteer

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Scott Burnett is a seasoned public servant, consultant and professional volunteer.  Burnett served in the Jackson County legislature from 1998 to 2022. After graduating from Kansas State, Scott worked in…

John Fierro Joins the PrincipalsConnect Board

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John is President and CEO of the Mattie Rhodes Center and an education advocate.  Under his leadership, the Center has received numerous awards for service to the Hispanic community.  Fierro…

JE Dunn and Hallmark Provide Food Hugs for KCPS School Staff

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Every month, PrincipalsConnect delivers meals for a family of four to teachers and staff in ten Kansas City Public Schools.  And school staff loves it!  The meals save time preparing…

Thanks to our Super Supporters!

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These folks have supported us year after year and their donations go directly to KC urban school programs. We have no overhead at PrincipalsConnect with no paid staff. So your…

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When retired business and community leaders serve urban school principals, principals can spend more time on education and teachers and students will thrive.


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