JE Dunn and Hallmark Provide Food Hugs for KCPS School Staff

By March 28, 2023 April 10th, 2023 No Comments

Every month, PrincipalsConnect delivers meals for a family of four to teachers and staff in ten Kansas City Public Schools.  And school staff loves it!  The meals save time preparing dinner after a day of hard work and importantly, show them that the community cares about what they do for our students.

Thanks to a grant from the Sherman Family Foundation, we tested this program–and other teacher perks– in three schools last year.  Take home dinners soon became the favorite perk among school staff.  Principal Hinojosa reports that staff members say the family meals are their best meal of the week. We are grateful to Hallmark and JE Dunn for sponsoring our dinners this year.

Want to make someone’s day in a big way?  Contact us about sponsorships for the 23/24 school year.