Creating School Community Through Photos

By October 2, 2019 December 18th, 2019 No Comments

Randy Hudson has captured the personalities of students and staff at Garcia Elementary School with his engaging photos.  A year-long project involved many trips to Garcia.  A retired anesthesiologist, Hudson photographed the magic of what was taking place in the classrooms.

Last week, the photographic celebration of the Garcia Family was unveiled to staff and students.  Rejéanne Alomenu, Principal at Primitivo Garcia Elementary School said, “We were thrilled when Dr. Hudson came with his proposal to add a photo wall for Primitivo Garcia.  One of our goals has been to make our school feel more welcoming for our students.  The completion of his project is having a tremendous impact in making our students feel seen and valued by their school community by being displayed as part of the Garcia family.”

Randy will be photographing more students throughout the year, adding to the display.

Dr. Randy Hudson capturing engaging moments at Garcia Elementary.